· By Lekberg Enterprises

The Official On Your Instagram Music Video Is Out Now

California’s greatest export Steel Panther are doing their part to share the message that things aren’t always what they seem online with their new music video for “On Your Instagram.” The band felt it was important to issue this public service announcement that aligns with the lyrics from the fan-favorite track off the band’s latest album On The Prowl.

The song talks about how the Instagram age of fake setups and heavily filtered photos has ruined society. It is only being exacerbated with recent AI craze. The video follows the assistants of two social-media influencers as they question the false realities they are perpetuating for their bosses. The influencer’s worlds come down when the assistants quit after deciding to be the real version of themselves.

The music video for “On Your Instagram” - directed by longtime collaborator J.T. Arbogast – can be seen here.