Cover: Lower The Bar
Released: 02/24/2017

Panther have returned with yet another collection of irreverent, entertaining and masterfully executed rock anthems. Lower The Bar delivers on it’s promise and aims to get everyone laid. It’s a Panther party and you’re all invited.
Cover: Live frim Lexxi's mom's garage
Released 02/26/2016

Part live performance; part film. The movie follows the guys as they perform in Lexxi’s Mom’s (played by Bobbie Brown, aka the girl from Warrant’s Cherry Pie video) garage and make their way in the real world all while believing they are performing to a crowd of 100 beautiful ladies. The guys take breaks from performing their biggest hits to find pizza, meet fans and hang out with Lexxi’s mom, all in their typical fashion.

The album includes 11 of the fans favorite songs including the new song That’s When You Came In. On several of the songs the band are accompanied by a sexy string quartet.
Cover: All You Can Eat
Released: 04/01/2014

2014 release, the third full-length album from the Hair Metal rockers. Featuring vocalist Michael Starr, guitarist Satchel, bassist Lexxi Foxxx and drummer Stix Zadinia, Steel Panther’s potent blend of Metal riffing, catchy hooks and Rock ‘n’ Roll bravado has earned them a huge fanbase worldwide. The album features the singles ‘Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World’, ‘The Burden Of Being Wonderful’ and ‘Glory Hole’.
Cover: British Invasion
Released: 10/30/2012

Recorded with 16 cameras in pristine HD over a two-year period, the DVD chronicles STEEL PANTHER’s legendary live show that the band has come to be known for. Beginning in March at the band’s sold-out concert at Brixton Academy in London during their highly successful “Feel The Steel” Tour, the DVD features some of the group’s most memorable hits, including “Asian Hooker”, “Community Property”, “The Shocker” and “Stripper Girl”. Included in the package is a light-out loud documentary that follows the band backstage and on their tour that is not to be missed. This deluxe box set includes two DVD’s. One with the full show and one with the documentary, deleted scenes and 5 songs from the band’s historic performance at the 2012 Download Festival. The packaging also includes a 16 page color book.
Cover: Balls Out
Released: 11/01/2011

Whether or not you’re a fan of Steel Panther’s ridiculously over the top glam metal, you have to appreciate their dedication. For a comedy rock band, they manage to tell a joke with a surprisingly straight face, jamming out sleazy hair metal in a way that is equal parts caricature and homage. With the band’s pedigree lying with acts like L.A. Guns and Fight, it’s not really a surprise that Balls Out is such a spot-on tribute to the excess of that bygone era, coming from people who were there to see the rise and fall of the genre from the inside. Songs like “It Won’t Suck Itself” and “17 Girls in a Row” show that Steel Panther are still the comedy rock masters of the single entendre, but to be fair, subtlety isn’t what an album like this is all about. This isn’t a carefree, “hang around the house and mow the lawn while you reminisce about the ’80s” record, but more of an “all-night bender at a strip club while you reminisce about the ’80s” record. If you’ve been looking for the glam metal equivalent of a theme park ride to be the soundtrack to a guys’ night out bird-doggin’ chicks, you’ve found.
Cover: Feel The Steel
Released: 10/06/2009

2009 debut album from the L.A. Metal ‘band’. The Steel Panther “story” begins some 20 years ago when the hardest rocking Metal band of the era forged their own legendary status on the Sunset Strip, Los Angeles, inspiring bands like Anthrax, Warrant and Jane’s Addiction to form, only to disappear without a trace on the cusp of signing a major label deal which would guarantee them worldwide adoration. 20 years later, an album so astonishingly hard-rocking lands on the desk of the president of Universal Republic, and the rest is history… In reality, Steel Panther are a living, breathing study in the art of Hair Metal. With tongues firmly lodged in their cheeks, Steel Panther celebrate and ridicule all that was good and bad about the “great” 80’s Hard Rock bands whose flamboyant stage shows and tales of excess with booze, sex and narcotics are the stuff of legend – all of which are perfectly repackaged within the four members of this band.